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  1. Buy, Sell, Trade
    6-speed manual DB9 with 51,400 miles and all maintenance up to date coming off an extensive service. The car is unmodified and every mechanical and electrical function is working as it should. Work within the last 1k miles includes: New front and rear brake pads, rotors and wear leads New...
    $61,995 USD
  2. The New Era
    Hi all I recently acquired a 2011 DB9 Volante. When I got it home I found that I was getting no sound from the parking sensors at all. The system doesn't report an error and the light comes on on the switch, but I get no warning beeps as I get close to an object. Does anyone have any...
  3. Driver's Lounge
    Well cared for car. Full service was done 850 miles ago. New P Zero Pirelli tires, special exhaust, glass key plus 2 spares, all the bells and whistles. Let me know if you're interested, the link to the autotrader ad is listed below...
  4. The New Era
    Hi guys, My 2007 DB9 went in for its annual service and I was told it needed a new TPMS Module unit part no. 4R12-370807-AC as it was broken which was the reason for the 'tyre pressure fault' light. I was a little sceptical as one of the TPMS sensors was broken in the tyres so I thought it was...
  5. Videos
    Hi guys, check out this very cool drive video of the Lagonda!
  6. David Brown Vintage
    Hey guys, check out this cool lagonda drive review!
  7. Videos
    Hi guys, click the link to check out and awesome aston martin lagonda drive!
1-7 of 7 Results