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02' V12 Vantage stuck in Park

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I've determined that the interlock solenoid is sticking and must be replaced. After a bit of prodding around the lever trim I thought it wise to ask someone who's been inside the consol before. My main problem is gaining access... So, what must be removed, and are there any tips you guys have to ensure I don't break any expensive trim pieces.:mad:. Needless to say, any and all advice will be greatly appreciated:)..

Ray B
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I actually didnt replace my solenoid, I just disabled it. That itself is easy to do once you get it out wich is involved. If I can I will post pics and try to walk you through the process to get at it. AML wants about 800 bucks for the dang thing!! The interior peices that have to come out took me a bit of trial and error to get them out but have it down to a science now, have removed everything a few times now.
I was planning to do the same..I've always hated those supid interlocks! Anyway, PLEASE send pix! Here's where I am now: Removed the pass side airbag, wood trim along the bottom of the dash, removed the two phillips head screws holding the leather trim around the radio panel. I can raise the rear and sides about 1/2" but not any more without risk of breaking something. The radio panel seems to be attached to the shift lever panel too:confused:...scary business! So, even if you can just give me a verbal walk through I'm sure that will be enough... Thanks in advance..I'll forever be in your debt!:)

Ray B
First, you have to remove the panel around the radio, there are screws behind it you have to remove. also there are also screws on each side of the driveshaft tunnel where the 2 halves of the console come together, they are behind the carpet, there is a slit in the carpet about where the screws are., there are also a nut/bolt on each side of the horseshoe as its called once you get the radio assembly removed. I will work on getting pics uploaded
I cant seem to get the pics to upload, PM me and I will get you my email adddress
the panel around the radio just lifts out, if you have a removeable radio face, you can remove that, grab the trim and work it out easily and evenly. also now that you have the airbag cover removed, you can reach up under and remove the screws that hold down the wood trim as it is held down by a bracket that is part of one of the horseshoe screws. I actually removed my seats but you don't have to if you don't want. I was cleaning up the leather. With car off place the selector in neutral or drive which ever works best for you and pull straight up on the wood section with the button in it. PULL STRAIGHT UP. it will take a bit of force. first time I did it, no seats, stradddled the hump and when it came out I fell back against the back seats lol!!
if you have flathead jewelers screwdriver or something small and thin you need to pry up EASILY all the buttons on the console area and unplug them, all5 there is a release on one side which the small screwdriver works well for.

I just remembered you don't have to remove the screws at the back of the console behind the seats unless you are wanting to remove the entire console section! I was remembering what I did to remove all of the console, not just the shifter assembly so disregard that part if you aren't planning on removing the entire center console assembly
I do not know what happened next,but can this not be reached
from underneath the car,or am l on the wrong track.
Yes, you are indeed on the wrong track. The problem most likely lies in the brake interlock solenoid located on the selector quadrant. It's not terribly difficult to access, but care must be taken in removing the radio, as well as wood trim from both the dash and consul. I suggest removing the solenoid completely rather than replacing it with another, which is ungodly expensive and will fail anyway.... Feel free to contact me if you need additional assistance.
Bon chance..:).
Ray B.
Always worth checking the switch on the brake pedal is still working or may need adjusting before diving in to the shifter interlock itself.

On the Jags, there is a small plug with a torx head on the J gate that you can remove and insert a screwdriver to release the interlock in emergencies, seems AM didn't do a similar thing, probably so you had to get the whole thing towed back to the dealership.
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