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07, 08, 09 V8 vantage clutch and other questions

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New to am life. I am looking to pick up either a 07, 08, 09 AM v8 Vantage (in US) and would like some straight shooting advice. In looking at a F1 vs standard what is the average cost of a clutch replacement for each and is the F1 really at 10,000 miles?

Is there a big difference in the 4.3 vs 4.7? I have driven both but since on test drives did not feel comfortable opening it up. I did not notice much difference.

If all this is already answered succinctly in other threads links would be appreciated.

Are there links on what to look for in a search on this site or if some experts can provide some advice that would be great. Are independent shop PPI’s encourage or will a dealer?

Thanks to all those who contribute to the site.
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My $0.02 - After owning a Duo-Select Maserati, regular 6 speed 3-pedal cars, and a Maserati ZF Auto, my experience is that if you want the full engaging sport feel, the Aston SS delivers. Gear changes kick, traffic still isn't fun, yet more manageable without 3rd pedal, and never a missing or grinding a gear (not that this ever happens right :rolleyes:). I also didn't think the 4.7 was worth the extra $ after driving both, a great car, and still for a 3rd car top down cruising the 4.3 is all sorts of fun! Besides if I was gonna race anyone I would just buy a GTR (& likely add another attorney on retainer), again all just my opinion :)

I was quoted $5k to replace SS (mine is fine, just to plan ahead), as any car with any kind of clutch it is dependent on how it is used. The lowest miles my local dealer said they saw one replaced was just over 15k miles (driven daily in Boston & traffic every day with hills), and they said they have seen them over 40k miles. I can't imagine a huge difference in replacing the 3-pedal set up, still labor time is big part of cost.

I am going to read more on the clutch learn to determine best way to run the SS through the driving season here, enjoy & good luck on the hunt!
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