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I read with great interest the several stories on the net regarding the 2011 finding of the 1963 DB4 convertible found in Oxford, subsequently sold at a Bonhams auction.

The SN was DB4C/ 1104/R.
All the stories left out what I consider the most important facts, i.e.:

-what were the circumstances leading to the car being unearthed? Passerby? Barn hunter checking old club rosters? The family advertising it in a classified ad?Also am curious to know what whas paid for it by the un-earther/barn-finder? Was it one of the all time great bargains?

I know sometimes the family conveys a car right from their garage to the auction company as in the case of the Dr. Carr Bugatti but most times there is a go-between and I would like to know this in order to document the car historically.

Thank you for any information you can post.
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