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1978-79 V 8 Vantage- Help?

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My brother died recently with his 1978-79 V 8 Vantage in the shop to be repainted and have the interior redone. My brother had a shop in Penn install a supercharger and a Richmond six speed transmission and kept the original 5 speed. He also has stored some extra parts. The repaint is completed and looks great. The entire interior- dash, seats, carpet, trunk, etc.- is out of the car awaiting selection of leather and carpet. I do not know about Astons and would appreciate any knowledge a person would share with me on this, particularly what the market value of the car is "as is" and what it would be when finished. I'm trying to decide whether to complete the restoration.
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This is a difficult car to estimate a value on. The price on an original car can vary quite a bit and the restoration and modifications makes this car more unique.

I would think in an ideal situation the car would be worth $80-100k finished, but you'd have to find the right buyer.

Due to the costs of going through a car like this I'd think it's worth half that at best in it's current unfinished condition primarily because the next person has no idea just how much more will be needed before the car is done.
1979 Vantage

Thanks for the reply. I'm going ahead with the restoration but if you know of anyone who'd be interestd in it now or when done, please let me know and we can discuss a commission.
Will do. Best of luck with the project, hope all goes well.
I have one I'll never use. Zero emotional attachment, just would like to free up some space.
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