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1993 Aston Martin Vignale prototype--how did car get sold?

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I am researching what I think is a beautiful overlooked concept car, the 1993 Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale four door prototype designed by Moray Callum (just installed as of Jan 2014 as Ford's overall head of world design), Apparentl;y the first one was built on a Lincoln chassis iwth Lincoln DOHC V8 and 4 speed (manual?) and that body maybe lifted off and put on a smaller chassis and refitted iwth a V12 and sold to the Sultan of Brunei. But there was a second one, blue in color, that was sold at a Ford auction run by Christies in 2002 for $403,000. My question is more about that car? What chassis was it on? Was it a running car? What was it titled as? How could it be sold in the U.S. if it never was crash tested, emissions tested, etc? I realize in the case of the first car, it doesn't matter because when you are a King,you get what you wanted, you make the rules but I am wondering if the second one was sold in the U.S. and how they got it licensed. Also would like to hear comments on the car's very subtle styling. I think it's beautiful but only with the deep inset wheels not the 5-spoke mags.

This website shows the two prototypes
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