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2004 V12 Vantage stater problem #@&*%$!

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Ok boys and's finally happened...the dreaded 'CLICK' when the start button is pressed. My first thought was "Hmmm...Battery not holding a charge..time for a replacement" (actually I was fairly sure that I was only lying to myself). As it often happens, I had indeed been lying to my inner self...the battery is at max charge! :mad::mad::mad:

So then, who else has had to replace their starter motor, and can you share the removal procedure used.. Thanks in advance for any help..

Ray B.
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Try replacing the starter solenoid. Odds are that is the part that failed. My 2002 DB7 solenoid died at 29,000 miles.It is far cheaper than replacing the whole unit. A good shop can cross reference the solenoid. Mine cost $49.
Thanks, for the suggestion. How difficult s it to get the starter out? I was planning on attacking the project next week when a friend aill let me use his lift for a day..
Starter Solenoid

I had it replaced while the shop was working on the exhaust system. I don't think it was that big a deal.
OK thanks. I'll find out in a hour or so, after I get it up on the lift..:)
First thing to do when you get the click is as follows:

Disconnect the battery.

Get underneath the car and check the main battery lead from the rear to the starter solenoid.

You may very well find it lose !!!

Aston in their wisdom did not fit a shakeproof washer or a Nyloc nut, so over time these can work lose.

Remove the nut (10mm) and replace with a Nyloc or fit shakeproof washers and tighten fully.

Reconnect battery and press the button ;-)
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Squid, that was indeed the problem. Used a nylock nut so that should be the end of that issue...

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