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2006 V8 Vantage review

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"The V8 Vantage was designed as an anti-911 affordable Aston Martin that has to make the brand profitable by increasing sales. Also it is a high-performance sports car, yet with predictable handling and sharp engine response, it also offers good visibility and easy to use controls that make it comfortable in city, on country roads or even on the race track. All these features make the V8 Vantage be the first Aston Martin that can serve as a weekday working car, not only as a weekend treat..."

This is from a new review on the V8 Vantage. It talks about tech features, body style and interior, and a bunch of other stuff. There are also some nice tips on tuning, and a big photo gallery.

Here's where you can find the whole article:
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thanks for the post.
competitors = 997S, F430, Gallardo, XKR, M coupe, SLK AMG...??????
i agree with 997S, XKR, and on the borderline SLK 55.
the rest are totally different segment. the F430/gallardo competes with DB9.
i would think closer competitors are Gransport and M6 in addition to the 997S.
Nice article. The new Aston Martin's look drop dead goregous compared to the 911 they are going after. However, it is going to take more than sheer better looks to take on the history and quality the 911 has. Not sure if an Aston Martin is a reliable daily driver like a 911 is (you can drive a 911 hard daily with no problems).
Once you get the initial production quality "quirks" sorted, the modern Astons are very reliable. No issue at all using one as a daily driver.

I love mine! It gets more looks than most of my Ferraris. It handles and drives perfectly...the engine note is to die for...the interior and the overall styling is brilliant. Well done!

You have a very nice collection of cars in your garage. Be sure to check out our sister sites as we have one for each of your marquees (except the Ducati)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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