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Hello, a friend of mine is selling his aston martin v8 vantage. i thought it would be a good opportunity to buy it so i talked to him about it. It is 2007 aston martin v8 vantage with about 30,000 km or 18000 miles. It is blue in color and its a coupe.its a great car has a manual transmission and a 4.3 litre v8.

Anyways, my question, on the newer aston martins they have and ECU key or emotion control unit to start up the car. you put the key into the dash and it stars. I was wondering, if i can replace the starter button system with the ecu system instead. Is that possible to put a 2009 system into a 2007 car? Also has anyone ever done this? Also is the there any major difference with 4.8 litre vs the 4.3 litre v8? Thank you! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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