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2007 Vantage Roadster

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Hello everyone, I made the BIG mistake of driving a 2007 Roadster..WOW I need some advice from the board about this car. It has 3,000 miles on it has the F1 transmission. It is a flawless car. My questions are reliablity:eek:f of the car, and realistic clutch life. I would love the car in 6speed stick, but cannot find one one the east coast. The asking price is 85,000 usd. Please help me in my quest.


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Where on the East coast are you? You should be able to find a 6-speed manual version without the paddles. The life of the clutch will depend greatly on where you live and how you drive. I am in SF and the hills here will chew the clutch of a F1 system as it tries to feather the clutch for smooth driving when going from a stop to 20mph up a hill.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply.I am in NY and unfortunatly the car was sold!! I am Bumed out. Looking on the internet, but have not been able to locate one. Interestingly enough the dealer has a 2002 DB7 conv. which he is trying to convince me that I will love it. What are your thoughts? The car has 17,000 mi. with all the service records.

Again thanks for your help
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