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After taking delivery of a nice looking black 2007 Vantage in Nov 2006 at a cost of $125,000, since then I have had numerous problems with this vehicle.

The problems have been:

Car alarm goes off when it rains
Brakes squeal
Navigation screen rattles
Handbrake sticks
Steering wheel rattles
Oil pressure relief valve defective (very noisy) - AM says they are aware of this problem with many Vantage's but have no fix available
Passenger seat rattles
Car does not start and when it does it stalls or idles really rough at around 400 RPM

My Vantage has been in for repairs 4 times and a total of 24 days in the workshop.

The car is officially a "lemon".

MVDN has been filed with Florida Lemon Law dept.

Documents to be sent of for arbitration requiring a full refund or replacement, by Florida law, next week.

Aparts from looks, I really have nothing good to say about this car due to the problems I have had in such a short space of time. The car has 3000 miles of which over 1000 of those miles have been used driving the car back and fourth to the AM dealer in Miami.

A senior tech has looked at the car and his final comment was "be positive". That's about all he could say!

Fortunately, here in Florida, we have great consumer laws to protect against consumers having defective motor vehicles and the law steps in to provide specific rights. I am British, but I live in Florida. I was proud to purchase a sports car made in my home country. I am embarrased about this car. It's a joke. Lucky some poor unsuspecting person didn't buy this car in the UK because they would end up stuck with it. Here in Florida, Aston Martin has to buy back the vehicle from me or supply me with a brand new replacement. The "lemon" is handed back and then usually goes off to auction and gets sold for peanuts. Aston Martins financial loss, making Ford's losses even bigger than what they already are.

Aston Martin's customer service out of there New Jersey US Headquarters stinks. They were informed of the defects 9 days ago and they have failed to respond or make any comment whatsoever.

While I cannot speak for the service and support over in the UK (which hopefully is good), here in the USA car manufacturers couldn't care less about their customers. Ultimately they pay the price financially. In the state of Florida alone, tens of millions of dollars of refunds are issued each and every year for defective cars proved to be 'lemons'. That excludes those who choose to have a replacement vehicle instead. That figure also excludes the 'off-the-record' deals that get offered to those persuaded to not go down the 'official' lemon law route.

I am left with two options. 1. Accept a full refund or 2. Accept a new replacement (with identical specs.).

Option 2 could mean a lengthy wait which I am not prepared to accept as afterall this is not fault.

Anyway, just thought I would let this forum know that, yes, it is possibly to get an Aston Martin "lemon' despite its great looks and high price tag. Makes no difference.

Any AM owner can accept one or two problems now and again, thats life. My issues extend beyond what one can define as 'acceptable', unfortunately.

One very, very unhappy, disappointed first time AM owner.:mad:

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Please keep us posted on what happens. Really sucks to hear this is how bad the service is. I guess the guys in NJ are more worried about if they will have a job tomorrow with Ford selling it. Ironically if they keep up BS like this it won't matter who owns the company.

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Wow, that's too bad. I've had a positive experience with my speed yellow '07 Vantage. I did have a squeak that turned out to be a bad weld, but they fixed that in a couple of days and otherwise the car has been a pleasure to drive. Doesn't have the power of my Lambo, of course, but it's a gorgeous car and fun to drive. I've had excellent interactions with my dealer out here in California. The guy who sold it to me is an old friend who sold me my first Ferrari when he worked for Ferrari of Orange County.

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This is interesting.. I have been talking to all the Aston owners that live nearby me. I know a woman who bought a new Vantage in 07 and drives the heck out of it everyday. She told me she has never had on single problem with it. Other owners say the same.. Having owned many Porsches I have had some that are bullet proof and one that was a nightmare. Just like most Porsches most Astons are probably very trouble free. But there is that small percentage that are "lemons" and sour the entire brand.. One would think the manufacturers would provide better customer service in these situations (but typically they do not...)
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