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2008 V8 Vantage

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Hi there,

I'm new to the site and wondered if someone could kindly offer some advice.
I'm looking at buying a 2008 v8 Vantage and wondered if anyone had created a buyers guide / checklist for buying a used one?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, this book is the best there is. It was published several years ago and updated several times since then. Now it’s only available on Kindle, but it’s the only book you will need on the Modern Aston Martin cars. The Definitive Guide to Gaydon era Aston Martin: The Ultimate Aston Martin Guide, Neal, Grant, eBook -

If you want to discuss V8 Vantage feel free to contact me, I’ve owned mine for nearly 12 years. [email protected]
Good luck with the hunt. I'm a fairly new V8 Vantage owner, bought my 2008 Roadster in April of last year. No regrets at all, Dick's link above is probably the best starting place. Prices have been on the rise lately across the collector car world. Hagerty's price guide is probably a good place to research prices but there are a lot of other valuation tools out there.

Dick, since you've been a long time owner, what's your experience with maintenance and upkeep?
Anything out of the ordinary?

John D.
I have 42,000+ on my 2008 Coupe. Nothing major after warantee. Under Warantee I had a clutch problem where the rivets were coming loose, but that was very unusual. I had the thermostat replaced which is very common since the rubber comes off the edge and holds the thermostat open, keeping thee engine from coming up to temperature. I had the belt and drive wheel replaced under warantee when it began to squeak. Recently I had the trunk and hood struts replaced. I had one catalytic converter fail by coming apart on the inside and replaced those with 200 cell cats. I have a 6-speed manual and had the clutch replaced 1,000 miles ago, with The VP Dual Plate clutch and low weight flywheel. That Clutch is so much easier on my arthritic ankle. Other than that, just Oil and Filter Changes. Very reliable even considering about 10-track days with spirited driving, hitting red-line several times.
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Great shot! I'm the second owner on mine. It had about 40k on it when I bought it, only added a a couple of 1,000 since then. I have the sport shift which is a mixed blessing, I definitetly enjoy a manual but here in South Florida there aren't many opportunities for spirited back road drives.


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The main thing you have to know about the Sportshift is the following: EVERY TIME you start your Aston, wait about 8-10 seconds before taking it out of Neutral. The clutch goes through a learning procedure that must be completed for the car to shift smoothly.
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