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2008 vantage second hand, reliable?

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hi guys, newbie here...i am thinking getting a 2008 vantage, prob done 20k km

heard two frds sayin its unreliable...but just to get more data point, whats ur view?

if not this one, i m thinking 2008 maserati gt, or 04 ferrari scaglietti....what you think? unfort i dont have a big budget to spend, but like to just cruise around on the weekend in a nice looking car

willing to pay for the maintenance fee, but just dont want car break down or problems every now and then

thx in advance
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Hi Marty,
Welcome to the forum. I have a 2007 AM V8V and I'm the second owner. I've had no problems whatsoever. I use it as a weekend car and put 3k miles over the 17 months I've owned it. I just love my car! I hope this helps. Go for the Vantage, I say.
Good luck to you!
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