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I had a battery tender that got turned off when the power went out and the batter died over the winter. I recharged the battery and attempted to start the car but was presented with the following:

I can lock and unlock the car
The power seat controls work.

However, when i insert the key the dash lights, radio, clock, nothing works.

I thought the battery could be bad, despite the battery store telling me that the battery is fine, so i went ahead and replaced it.

I red online that fuse 77 which is a boot power supply (whatever that is) could be the problem. The fuse was not blown.

I also read there is some sort of battery reset switch, but i do not think there is one on my year. I believe the last year i saw that was 2006, but i could be wrong.

I assume the car goes into some sort of lock down when this happens to avoid theft?

Any help would be appreciated.
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