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2010 Rapide engine "sputtering"

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Hi all,
Just picked this stunning Concourse Blue beauty up with less than 20k miles. On my way home a few nights ago, and ever since, every time I get on it, either a little or a lot, it starts sputtering, almost like it misfiring. Power is down a little, but most of all, it is annoying. It doesn't SEEM to do it at a gentle cruise speed, but can be felt even at an idle. I'm thinking it's electical...coil, spark plug or wire, etc. Need some help with this.

Second question...has anyone installed any type of backup camera system on this car? If so, brand, approx. cost, pros / cons, etc.

Other than that, I'm over the moon with the Rapide..people in Ferraris and Bentleys are asking what it is and how I like it...feel like a movie star.

Thanks for the add to the forum and the advice in advance,
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Misfire Rapide

First thing if you can hook up a scanner you will be able to see misfire counts (Foxwell NT520 is a good AM specific device). It sound like coil packs, they sit on top of each plug and can break down with the heat, it's a difficult job to DIY and quite expensive at dealers. (check out for a DIY video). I had my DB9 done at an independent, the cost of 12 coil pack alone is over $1200, AM price are even higher.
If you had it done at dealer they will have the profile stored and should be able to restore it, otherwise you are going to have to do it on the road. You’ll need a relatively straight clear road to do the 70-20mph coast down 5 times. No braking, steering more than 5degs, AC off, sport off, in D
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