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08 Maserati GT 4.2
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Hello everyone,

I’m currently over on the Maserati life forums, as I own a GT. However, I’ve pondered about getting into a 14 Vanquish for some time , and I’m a little set back with how inactive the forums are in comparison to Lamborghini-talk, ferrari chat and the Maserati life.

I plan to do a lot of maintenance myself and it was either this or a LP 560-4; which has a plethora of info on it on the forums + I even have a full workshop manual on it! (Also have one for my GT).

I was hoping to see a little more engagement here, but I guess it’s a more niche mark. Does anyone have access to the workshop manuals or have much experience doing most of the DIY items on the v12/vanquish? I’m also curious to see if anyone ends up developing Iron conversion rotors to replace the carbons in the future.

I don’t imagine the mated v6 duratecs are impossibly hard to work on, and I’ve watched Tavarish do some work on his DBS, but I don’t think I could own one of these without a workshop manual to guide me in the right direction.

Appreciate any info!


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