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2020 Vantage Oil Change

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Can someone point me in the right direction for what I need for an oil change. Filter and o ring is all I think i need, other than oil of course. Anyone have the part numbers? And somewhere to get them?
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I already did some research and i got these. Can anyone confirm I got the right things!?
Check out this thread: 2019 V8 Vantage Oil Change?
It references doing an oil change on a 2019 Vantage. The specific parts are mentioned. I haven't done my first yet, but I'm preparing to and I'm going to follow the advise in this post.
Update, i took it to the local mech with the parts listed and some oil and he changed it for 40$. So i spent about 100$, when the dealer wanted $850.

in case anyone else needs this info……..
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