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A/C Control Module

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Having just bought my first AM (an '04 DB7 Vantage) I'm picking my way through a few minor niggles. The main one at the moment being a problem with the air con.
Without going into details at this point, can anyone tell me whether the control module should be a Jaguar part DAC11341 as is currently fitted? Or has someone in the past made a cheap substitute? I know that many of the electrical parts were Jag sourced.
Any help gratefully received.
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It would appear that the DAC11341 control module is the correct part originally fitted by Aston. It was sourced from the previous Jaguar XJS, or so I am told.
If anyone knows different, please let me know!
The parts in your car although shared with the Jag will all be modified in some way, requiring some creativity to integrate them into the Aston.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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