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Hello everyone !
I'm very happy to join this forum after some years of redudent visits to read information about my beloved Astons.

The DB7 has always retained my attention since I saw a yellow 3.2 Volante for the first time (in picture...I was 6 years old I think, I'm now 31).

I've had all the cars I dreamt when younger (in total I passed 45 owned car I think...), from little old Alfas (33 1.3s) to higher standards (M5 E39, CLK55, S8...).

But that couldn't have been complete without an Aston Martin.

So... I owned a first i6 in 2015. A right hand drive Blue Auto 3.2 with cream interior. The color combo was superb but the car wasn't in very good shape... And I wasn't able to go back home with it since the differential broke down in the first 100 miles driven (locking one wheel before entering highway).

I was really disapointed and sad to conclude my adventure this way. This car was a bargain, and I would have been happy to repair it myself but it broke down very far from my home and that wouldn't have been possible for me to fund the transport.

in 2018 I was wandering on classifieds as usual and finally found another bargain DB7 from an obscure Swiss website.
This was a Vantage. A manual Vantage. In Almond Green livery. With cream and green interior (if you belived the ad, because the only picture was a google Image in fact).
It goes without saying that all my senses were in alert.

It was announced at 12 000CHF (I think it is like 9 000£).

It was 30 miles from my job location. I saw this at noon, and went to see it immediately after finishing my job. :eek:

But the following steps will be described in a future post... Leaving you in a Cliff Hanger situation :D

Just a hint : I bought it.

Want some more ? ;)

(please excuse me if my english is not reaching your usual standards :) )
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