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A New U.S. 2010 Rally... are you ready?

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OK guys... I am not trying to Spam your lovely forum... just looking for some advice. I understand the economy is crap and the current rallies are a little raw and over the top, because all you mainly hear is about the bad outcome... so this has pushed away anyone that would have any interest.

We are working to change that standard.
This is NOT the prince of lala lands Rally that cost 50k to go home with nothing after 5 days!!

Basically... lets get right down to it... We are working on a New US Rally for the 2010 season. There will be more then one Rally every Year... each one very different from the next.

The First Rally will be over Five Days in the SouthEast.
Covering 2200 miles through 9 States.
Parties, Challenges, Checkpoints, Car Shows, and best off all... Prizes.
You have the opportunity to win significantly more then the cost of entry.

Sponsors will also be providing gifts in various forms.
Currently we have a 5 Star Hotel, Energy Drink, and Electronics Sponsor that not only were happy to be apart, they are anxious to help and have created custom packages/systems for each.

Cars will be limited to only a few of the same makes and models... no more then 3 599GTB/ Enzo/ F430 ect... and no more then 5 Ferrari total.
The Rally is limited to 50 Cars (2 people each).

Entry Fee Includes the Following:

1 Vehicle (your)
2 People (yourself and a guest)
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for you and your guest for 5 days durring the Rally.
5* Hotel for you and your guest for 5 days durring the Rally.
VIP access to All Parties, Shows, and Venues hosted by the Rally.
Participation of any Track Events held by the Rally.
Free Rally Merchandise and Professional Vehicle Graphics.
Gifts provided by Rally Sponsors.
Prizes can be won durring the Rally.

Challenges, CheckPoints, and Destinations will be kept secret untill the time of the Event and/or Departure.

Summer 2010 SouthEast event will Start in Houston, TX

Every aspect of this Rally has been looked at in a way that YOU are looking forward to what is going to happen next. You go on Vacation to do something different and see new places... This Rally is a Vacation!!
I am about to go on Vacation in a week... and I know by the 5th to 7th day I will want to be Home... the same ol' beach, relaxing, and lounging around... its really easy to spend close to 10k on a simple vacation, and do nothing!!

So... I dont want to give out to much info because, honestly, I dont want all our ideas getting used against us, by other rallies. However... I do want to know what you think so far, and If you have a question.. please feel free to ask!!

Questions and Comments from other forums:

Price is being worked out every day. Everyday we add something new and get new information. The event is a full year away and we are working out every single detail. Once we get to the 6 month point, we will start taking full deposits to fill the grid. U.S. currency only!!

We do have the route planned!! Starting in Houston, TX!! That is all I can tell you right now. Not trying to bore you to death with driving 8-10 hours a day... so we do have short runs filled with events and checkpoints.

Strippers... OK... your experience is what you make of it, right. VIP access to Clubs... includes Strip Clubs. Remember we are cattering to everyone... so if we provide naked chics... we have to provide naked dudes... think about it!! Lets not go there!! So.. if YOU bring a stripper as your co-driver (cup holder)... that is what YOU made of the rally!!!

Being this is a Driving Rally... we can Not condone the use of drugs or alcohol... nor will they be provided.

I do not wish to bash anyone elses Hard work in creating their Rally... Our Rally is different then any other Rally available... If you want want strick guidelines and full out racing competition... This is not for you... Thank you!!

If you are looking for a 5 Day Driving Adventure-Vacation... then join!!
If you wish to enter just for Fun... you will still recieve gifts!!

We are keeping the cost as low as possable... we are not increasing the price to offer more gifts/prizes/etc... Price is reflected by the main expences and fees that are typically unseen like State Permits. So the Rally would cost the same without... its just not as fun that way!!

Prizes and Gifts.... lets elaborate on this concept. These are offered by the Sponsors and by the Rally itself, to our Guest. Lets say when you get to a stop... The first to jump in a pool to get your room key... gets a Herme's towel... or even a set of Rims... its all possable!! And Yes, we are cattering to women also... in fact, one of our business partners (female) has been critical in designing the events!!

We know people will drive stupid and they are compelled to drive with-in the legal limits... If you get arrested and your car gets impounded... its your problem and the Rally is not responsable!!! We know how long it takes to get from point A to point B and we have allowed sufficent time to arrive... We also have checkpoint set-up to slow you down and get you out of the car on long trips!!

Like I have mentioned before... Everything, has been considered!!

Thank you for the coments and consideration... I hope everyone is reading the thread completly to better understand what we are offering!!

So my question to you.....
What do you think about limiting the # of vehicles by Make and Model??
(ex: 3 DB9/ Vanquish/ DBR... no more the 5 Aston Martin Makes Total)

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