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Added wireless Carplay to my Astonmartin

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I am a little bit annoyed that there's no wireless CarPlay on my car. Plugging in my iPhone with a cable is not hard but I rarely made time to do it on short drives.I recently found a simple adapter to make the CarPlay work wirelessly. There is no need to cut wires or harnesses or make any adaptations for its installation, it is Plug & Play.
This module will fit perfectly into your vehicle as if it was equipped with the original Carplay option. The installation of the device is done by simply plugging the connectors with those of your vehicle.
I thought my car model was not supported, but I asked customer service to know that my car can also be used.Worth recommending, after all it's just only $85.
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Your 2010 is like my 2009. You basically need to replace the entire screen and back-end compute unit. I replaced my screen with a 6.5" touchscreen that connects to a Raspberry Pi 4 running Android. The audio output is connected to the AUX jack input for the stereo. Works awesome, but the job is not for the faint of heart. I'm an electrical engineer, so it wasn't difficult for me, but it'd probably be prohibitively difficult for many others.

I documented my journey in a series of videos. Part 1 is here: Q-Branch Pi
1 - 1 of 8 Posts