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ADS off and electrics not working

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Hi everyone,

Had a situation where my driver electrics stopped working on AM Rapide and then a few weeks ago had a flat battery as hadn’t used car. Got car jump started by good RAC guys. However, following faults occurred

1. ‘ADS off’ on display
2. Electric windows not working, folding mirrors,
3. Strangely passenger seat electrics working and stereo etc.

Car now starts up fine just with the above problems.

Much appreciate any feedback on what is causing, is it fuse or a new battery needed or something else???
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Did you ever find out how to fix it? I am having some of the same issues after the battery went flat.
Hi, the electric windows had been a bit “funny” for a few weeks and the electric seat wouldn’t adjust. During lockdown car wouldn’t start properly. Thought it might need a new battery. Got the AA to start it and after about 20 miles of driving the seat and windows starting working fine. Also got a set of trickle charge leads.

Took it to Aston and they just reset the ADS, cost me £50.

So thankfully it just needed the battery charging and also investing in a set of trickle charge leads.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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