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Hi Guys,

First Post so please accept apologies if this has been answered before etc etc.

I am a 12 year 911 owner. They have been my daily drive and they have been fantastic cars. Believe it or not, my 1999 911 Cab still puts a smile on myself every day.

I currently live in Sydney but am moving back to the UK in 2 months and I have around 35k-45k to spend on a car and I am considering moving away from a 911 to a DB9. I love the look and the pedigree and the sound. HENCE I need some advice...... Whatever i get, it will be a Cab, so please bear that in mind, oh and must have 4 seats hence no Vantage.

From Autotrader it looks like that will get me a 2006-2008 DB9. What i want to know guys is:

- How will it compare to a 911
- Can it even be a daily drive (I won't do more than 10-12k miles a year probably so not a lot)
- How is it to service, i.e. is there a good network of indys, or is it back to Aston every time and $$$ (a 911 service is very reasonable as you know)
- is a DB9 of that age a disaster waiting to happen, or are they fairly rock solid?
- Any other thoughts, opinions, ideas etc etc.

I'd love one, but the unknown is a scare and i've heard horror stories, which may just be myths, of horrific service bills....

Many thanks in advance. I posted this on the 911 forum im on and got some great feedback.


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