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I'm looking to change my trusty steed again and this time dip my toe into the AM pool.
I have shortlisted the convertible Vantage from 2006 onwards. {Sportshift preferably)
What helped me enormously when buying my current steed was the advice and pointers from the Merc forum (I own an SL55 AMG).
I'm wondering if some kind soul will draw up a list of "gottcha's" and watch out for's....

For starters, I believe there is no such thing as a fully automatic vantage?
I have heard that even the 'semi auto' has a clutch and if / when this goes it is around the 3k mark?

The main stories one hears about AM's like this is that they inevitably let you down and reasonably often - is this a myth?

Anything would be appreciated and thanks for your time.

My latest line up of cars is/was:
Merc SL55 AMG.
Maserati GranTurismo.
Porsche 944.
Nissan 350Z
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