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Aftermarket Body Kits

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Recently came accross the stuff that Mansory are selling for the Astons and I must say - WTF!
I know that different people have different tastes, but I'm sorry - its just wrong.
Those dual exhaust ports make the rear end look like an American muscle car - which the Aston most certainly is not. I have never been a fan of skirts on a car and the Aston skirts simply reinforce that notion.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
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Yes, you right this Kit is a bit "too much".....Don't need to change anything on these cars, except perhaps few carbon parts. See here:


I agree completely. Nice and subtle without trying to change the style of the car.
These kits make the car look like crap....I do like the steering wheel though but not w/ yellow inserts :)

Carbon sill plates I can understand, but why would you have them say "Mansory". "Hand Built" (in my humble opinion) means a little bit more.
Yep I have to agree it looks like they employed a child to design that kit, they seem to have missed the point completely.

When tuning the Vantage it needs to be in keeping with the original Aston design and serve a purpose, see:

Has anyone seen a Mansory car on the road? Does it look as bad in the flesh?
I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE and there is a Mansory Dealer (Prestige Cars) and I must say, there is stunning models, Bentley, Porsche and even Aston....

There are impressive cars here......and very cheap compare to Europe.

Yes I have seen a couple of nice mansory Bentleys.
Your very lucky living in Abu Dhabi there are some very nice tuned cars out there.
Yes I am quite lucky and will take this oportunity to buy a Baby Aston, they are quite cheap here.

Yes I've got a friend who spent a year in Abu Dhabi and like you he took the oppurtunity to own some nice cars as they are so cheap, he also said he could afford to live like a king renting a penthouse appartment.

Enjoy your baby Aston when you get it.
Thank you.

Yes, cars (new or second hand) are about 30% less than Europe. Life is quite nice here, but this heat is something....and damage the cars in just few years, headlights, seals, dashboards...etc.... and there is sand blowing everywhere, and quite often.....

I had never thought of what such extreme tempetatures would do to the cars, so in 5-10 years the cars must get pretty tatty/ worthless.
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