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aftermarket navigation

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I just bought a 2008 Vantage with everything I wanted on it including the factory HP package and sport exhaust but without the navigation system. Has anyone found a way to build one into the car and if so what system?

thanks for any help

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are you asking about the Navi system?

the Aston use a stupid Volvo system!!
but maybe you can install the Garmin or iGo.

any of the member can help!!

I agree - the Volvo sat nav system on my Vantage is the worst in the world. Why, oh why, did they install this useless system (I know Volvo and Aston had the same parents, but even so!!). My advice would be to simply use an external Garmin or TomTom and forget about trying to retro-fit the Aston crap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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