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AM Vantage V8 (2008) Parts Manual?

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post on the forum and have read many other threads on here and am extremely impressed with the knowledge and help provided in all of them! :D

I have recently become the new owner of an Aston Martin Vantage V8 (2008), and as you can see by the picture, its in a sorry state! :(

This is a Cat C however has sustained VERY little damage mechanically (The crush bars havent even moved)

The accident was very odd, the car was hit in such a way the radiator and crush beam took the most damage everything else was just cosmetic, with only a little work to do on it!

We are determined to get this beauty back to its glory days as its something far too amazing to let rott away or be brought by someone who isn't going to do the job right!


I have purchased the workshop manual for the car however I need the Parts Manual/Catalogue for the car.

Before I end up potentially paying £70 to download one PDF file i was hoping someone on the forum would have the manual and could hopefully send it over to me?

I'll be sure to keep you all updated with the progress of the restoration as this cars completely straight and simply needs a few new bits (namely, radiator, oil rad, steering rad etc) to be back to full strength!

I'm surprised the car was written off given the little damage it's had, No bends, twists of problems with the body/chassis at all....
Either way we will get this wonder back to full strength and lovingly care for it! (unlike the last owner!) :eek:

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