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AM Vantage V8 vs Maserati GT 4.2

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Just added an Aston Martin to the fleet, here is what I think:

09 Maserati GT 4.2 # 10 Aston Martin Vantage V8
automatic # E- gear

HP: 405 # 420

Exterior : More attractive # older design, more traditional
Size : bigger , 4 seats # smaller, 2 seats

Interior : Many plastic parts # immaculate, better built, heavy metal parts
Comfort : less # much more comfortable
access : long doors, difficult # Doors open with upper swing, easier

Electronic : easier to use # more complex
Reliability : constant issues # TBD
EC : less efficient # more efficient , less noisy

Exhaust : 4.7 L # sport, qiucksilver
Sound : louder # deeper

Head turner: more # get mistaken with jaguar ( and Maserati)


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Thanks for the quick yet useful comparison.
I am (or was) considering 3 cars that may be my next toy car. (planning to purchase in a year or two)
3 were: Maserati GT, Aston Martin Vantage, Audi R8

I love the sound of Maserati GT, but I heard some bad rumors about the build quality, and your review confirms that. Please update your review with what you think of AM's reliability, compared to Maserati.

Maserati reliability: used as a daily driver
22 months of use from 400 miles ( at purchase) to 13 k miles( now)
Problems: Fuel sensor, passenger door light. both rear tail lights, dead battery, CD skipping, mirror of visors falling, vibration of outside mirror, lining of trunk closure, chrome lining of trunk
All of these items were replaced under warranty
Very solid engine

AM reliability: used less often
7 months of use from 2300 miles ( at purchase ) to 4300 miles now
front left turning signal d stopped working, whole front light compartment was replaced under warranty

so this may not be a fair compare since I do not use the car often
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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