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Just been inspired to join this forum since the AMOC forum seems to be on its arse :rolleyes:

I would be happy to pay a reasonable sub to the AMOC to go towards maintaining the forum and maybe a news letter now and then. But £95 would represent very bad value for me and I don't like being ripped off. AMOC has many, many directors and I do wonder if some of them have their noses in the trough, so to speak.

Also known some of mine and others freely given replies to technical queries to have been moved to private areas of the forum which only paid up members can access. Its not right for the AMOC to try to charge people to view content freely given by others.

Also advertising on the AMOC forum is 'verboten' with some rubbish excuse given for removing my posts, something about liability? But I was told that it was okay if I gave them £20 I could post it in the classifieds section... and would you believe this was for something I was trying to GIVE away!! :eek:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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