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Hello to all,

My group member has posted one here already, but had to get myself out here as well during my search.
I am a student at Savannah College of Art and Design >> << and a member of an active and avid photography group. I have been a strong participant in this group over the past, photographing many nice and unique cars. In Atlanta, on March 8th, we have a studio>> << paid in full and booked along with a hired professional lighting tech., as myself and the group have done before; shooting a gorgeous Mercedes with great success. Yet, at this moment we have no car lined up and welcome any references and offers that aid in providing us students with an amazing vehicle to shoot.
I've called dealerships of course, and of course i can practically hear laughing in the background.. Due to their insurance reasons.
We provide everything, even round trip gas reimbursement and any other reasonable additions (ex. cost of car detailed by prof. of your choice), and photos after all is done and edited. All we ask for is your compassion, a few hours of your time, and of course, your lovely vehicle.

Thanks for your time

PS: Unlike every single one of my other group members, i am actually an Industrial Design major >> <<, not photography. Yet, my passion for photography runs as deep as the photography majors, and even deeper for my love of cars and their ever evolving designs. Perhaps I will be on the design team of your favorite car in the future, look out!
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