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As a new member of this Aston Martin forum, I would like to give you a full introduction and brief summary of my qualifications. In short, I have a passion for detailing like others do for fine wine, woodworking, or music. This is what I live and breathe. It stands to reason, then, I might know what I am talking about. :D

My business, Apollo Detailing, has been around for nearly two full seasons now. For the most part, we concentrate on paint correction. Paint correction, briefly, is the process by which defects, swirls, and scratches are removed from the paint.

This is an example of a panel that has received paint correction. Note the vast difference between the corrected and the uncorrected sides.

Here are a few examples of my work:

Picus & Holden_C04 - Polishing Perfection -

Apollo Detailing: 2007 Porsche Cayman S (35+ Photos) -

2006 Volkswagen GTI (56k = :hairpull) -

Apollo Detailing: Full Correction Imola Red '05 BMW 330ci ZHP -

Apollo Detailing: 14hr Correction! Black 2001 BMW 540i -

I hope to be a helpful contributor to this forum. Now, feel free to ask any question you like. I have yet to be stumped.
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