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Aston Martin Motorcycle!!

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Hi Everyone
I am currently an Industrial Design student and for my final Major project i am designing an Aston Martin Motorcycle.

Just doing some research at the moment. one of my questions is:

What type of motorcycle do you think Aston Martin would design?
Tourers, naked, sports, cruisers to name a few.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.
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Aston Martin is a sport cars with luxurious interior.
did you check the AM race car, they have a standard paint (the car mouth).
please up-date this page with your project I'm interest with it.

Thanks for the feedback. Any chance you could spread the word? I need as much feedback as possible.
Whatever you do please do not put a Harley V twin in it. Keep it British. Triumph and Norton are new, modern and Up to date. Plus Triumph makes everything from the P/2 to the monster I/3.
I think most importantly you need to ensure it remains sophisticated.
It needs to be elegant, but at the same time sleek and modern.

Vague, I know, but I guess above all else it helps to keep the essence of the car in your motorcycle design :)
Aston Martin Powered Bike. V12 DB7 Engine fitted to Bike.

Now get the styling done right and this might be a winner :)

Ignore the Youtube title at the bottom of that page, it is a DB7 motor, NOT a DB9.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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