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If you're an Aston Martin owner and are looking for something to do this weekend, we welcome you to The Classic Motor Hub between 10am and 1pm on Sunday 27th May. We already have over 110 Aston Martins registered to attend, and are expecting others to turn up on the day.

We will have the entire set of Works Team cars including LM8, which won the Le Mans Rudge Cup that year – offered for sale for the first time in 63 years!

The highlight of the day will be all three Works Cars from the 1932 Season: LM8, LM9 & LM10.

Other Important Astons on display will include: S4, LM3, LM14, LM17, LM19, DB3S, DB2 DHC, DB4, DB5 Convertible, 1½ International and TS10 as well as numerous modern Astons.

Free tickets are available on The Classic Motor Hub website (link below), so if you have an Aston and would like to come along or you are interested in acquiring one of those currently in our showroom, please do get in touch.
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