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I have a collection of Aston Martin presskits, 1976-97, that I'd like to sell.

For those not familiar with presskits, they're folders containing information, specs, data and photographs (and more recently, CDs) that car companies used to distribute to automotive magazine and newspaper journalists. Presskits were typically sent or handed out at the launch of a new model or at the beginning of a model year. Nowadays, presskits have been superseded by on-line, downloadable information and photos.

My collection contains five Aston Martin presskits in their original folders. It also includes many more presskits for other exotic marques - Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls, etc.

Please drop me an email if you'd like a complete list, with prices. My email address is: LammMorada (at)

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