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Aston Martin - Principle Determinants of Choice

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I am carrying out research for a university assignment and I am looking for feedback on why people choose to buy a Aston Martin.

Unfortunately still being a student I am at the aspiration stage of purchasing an Aston Martin however it would be helpful for me if owners could list why they choose to own an Aston Martin.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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The shape - beautiful, feminine, stylish (I'm talking about the DB7)

The feel of driving it - fun, swift, powerful

The way it sits on the road outside the house, looking relaxed yet poised for a fast and sure takeoff
Looks, sound and being one of not too many handbuilts in the Industry !!!
Having a 2008 Aston Vantage, 2008 Lotis Exige 240S, 2002 Lotus esprit, and others has given me deeper appreciation for the classy ride but thoroughbred handling of the Aston.

I know what a well tuned and engineered sports car should be like and Aston hits on all marks.
Well put sir, I just drove my 07 V8V from California to Montana... Had the chance to get familiar with the plusses and minuses of the Aston. Not too many minuses I can think of... and I am a very picky individual :)
Aston V8 Vantage

A very refined sports car that has pleased me a lot knowing that I have driven sports most my life.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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