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The newest from Aston Martin will be a 4 door to compete with the Quattroporte. However, the car will sticker for a higher price than the Quattroporte at $190,000. This will certainly make the car market interesting as more exotics make 4 doors. Slated for 2008.


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Any idea what engine it will be equiped with ?

Boxer said:
Any idea what engine it will be equiped with ?
A 480-hp V12 based on the DB9's engine.
they need to bring out before Porsche comes out with their new 4 door saloon

altough latelly there is extra competition from the Bently Flying Spur
There is a great test drive article in this weeks AutoWeek. It looks like the car is going to come out to compete with the Quattroporte, Porsche's 4D (althought a Aston Martin is a higher class marquee), and yes...Lamborghini is rumored to have a 4 door coming out.
i've been talking to the designer of this beauty last weekend, Marek Reichman, and it's getting stronger & stronger to get the go ahead

on the saterday public voting at Villa d'Este they only lost from the Alfa 8C Spider with one point

Can you say Bond, James Bond
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