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Aston Martin *Vantage *Vanquish Featured Biggest Corporate ID Theft Case

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The Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars organised crime case took a bizarre twist with shocking new revelations in American and British media reports concerning the Carroll supercar museum which is thought to have been one of the finest collections of Ferraris Lamborghinis and Aston Martins in Europe. It has emerged that the collection was completely stolen in a co-ordinated multiple criminal seizure operation executed by the FBI Scotland Yard targeted international crime syndicate currently operating in offshore tax havens including the Cayman Islands Gibraltar and the Bahamas with impunity. Sources have leaked that the Norfolk Police Service currently hold in custody forged and falsified DVLA Swansea Carroll Automobile Collection "cold case" documentation which is understood to be directly "linked" to the much wider tax evasion fraud heist which stretches the globe.

Political commentators have remarked that the Norfolk Police dossiers also disclose a shocking trail of criminal subversive cover-up attempts linked to co-ordinated obstruction offences directly involving these tax havens which are thought to have been utilized effectively as offshore money laundering platforms in the Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel massive Carroll Maryland Trust cases.

Further sources have revealed that the FBI Headquarters in Washington have obtained new explosive files which reflects a startling litany of compelling forensic evidential material surrounding the fraudulent incorporation of forged and falsified HSBC International offshore numbered bank accounts linked to fraudulent Delaware registered corporations that impulsed this massive offshore tax fraud. The assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police John Yates is believed to have an intimate knowledge of this case of international importance.

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