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Aston - The 'New' Ferrari....

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I was listening to someone with little knowledge, waxing lyrically about Supercars, when strangely he said that Aston was becoming the new Ferrari as far as top end marques are concerned, Intrigued by this comment I listened intently, but his only evidence for this was his mate, with a shed load a manee, off loaded his Ferrari 360 to buy a new AM V8, (Which seems quite reasonable to me)....

However, he did get me thinking, Ferrari have unveiled their new entry level Dino, they are stamping 430's out like bean tins, the 599 looks like it will beat all previous established sales records for V12 Ferrari's, and it's become almost a common site to see a 'B' list star pull up in their new F Cars.....

Where as Aston are still producing relatively small and exclusive numbers of beautifully designed cars at (still silly prices), but at least they are not pandering to the whims of over indulgent rich kids who crave attention.:mad:

Maybe it's time I swapped my alliance to the English Supercar Crowd...

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Californiavantage said:
I've owned a 360 Modena Ferrari and a Lambo Gallardo. Both are incredible cars. There's nothing quite like the Ferrari; as for the Lambo, it attracted way too much attention! My V8 Vantage is a nice compromise -- good performance and great looks at a much lower price. Around here, I see lots of Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, but very few AMs, which I like. My speed yellow color really stands out, too. I don't understand why AM doesn't make some more fun colors.
I think I saw your car in Rancho Santa Margarita last week!
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