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Astons needed for Photoshoots

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Cooper Filmcars is looking for new classics for photoshoot in NYC and other major cities in the US. We are based out of NYC and perform the majority of our work there however we arrange photoshoots all throughout North America.

During all of our shoots your car is fully insured and you are paid for your time.

I have upcoming shoots looking to feature Aston Martins, I figured this was the right place to come to find owners who wish to see their cars featured in media.

We understand that many of these cars are like children to their owners, please look at our collection at We regularly send our own vehicles to photoshoots. Yours are treated with the same amount of respect as ours.

For more information please call jeff at 212-929-3909 or email me at [email protected].

You can always go to to register your car in our database. We do many shoots each week and this could be the start of your car paying for itself.

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