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Auto transmission filter

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The DB7 i6 auto uses a GM 4L80-E transmission, for which there are two filters listed by suppliers.

The Fram FT1203-A and the Fram FT1134.

I have read somewhere that there was a changeover of filter in 1997 and, guess what, mine is a 1997!

The trouble is I don't know which one to order.

Aston Parts only lists one and, naturally, only lists the AM part number, but that could still be the wrong one, couldn't it?

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for which AM you want the parts?
u can contact with Aston WorkShop, and they cooperating with email's?

the 4l80e is a gm trans the difference is the pan depth any parts store will have both in stock you can compare there about 12 dollars each good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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