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Just received an update on Avidsquare's development (below). I have been using it now for several weeks and it really is terrific, especially if you tend to visit more than one car forum on a regular basis.

What is Avidsquare? It is a private invite only site for Petrolheads and Pistonheads.

How does it operate? It is similar to Linkedin and Facebook. Only you decide who to interact with and who (i.e. your friends) can see your posts.

What are the benefits? For those who belong to multiple different car forums, Avidsquare allows you to pull all the latest posts & threads from the forums you choose all into one site. No more having to check each forum individually. This will allow you to follow multiple conversations much more easily.

What other features does Avidsquare have: You can store all the details on all your cars including service records and schedules AvidSquare . You can add an unlimited number of photos of your cars, you can automatically list your car for sale AvidSquare . You can send private messages to friends individually or post updates that all your friends can see. You can also search for friends by car brand and email. You can invite all you friends directly from via your address list: AvidSquare . All the latest auto news also is feed directly into AvidSquare.

Avidsquare is now in late stage beta and 500 invites will be released. Invite code is: flife



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