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Baby seat in a DB9

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I am shortlisting some cars and need to know if a 2005-2008 DB9 can have a baby seat fitted (prefer rear-facing, as the baby is only 6 months old).

If anyone has done this, can you please advise which model of baby seat you used, whether it was fitted in the front or back seats and if there are ISOFIX fittings as standard in this model?

I spoke to my local Aston dealer in Singapore and he just looked blankly at me and asked why I would want a baby seat in a DB9...
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I think that Recaro has the best baby sits ever.... and driver seats

Are you from Singapore? Check where you have a Ricaro dealer or go to your AM agency

The AM dealers here were not helpful. I am unable to locate any Recaro seat dealers in Singapore either, but I will shortly be relocating to California, so hopefully they are a bit more service orientated.

I already have a Maxi-Cosi with a FamilyFix ISOFIX base, I would like to know if any DB9 has ISOFIX options or can have them retro-fitted.

Seems like a number of people have the same questions but nobody has the definitive answer.
but the short answer is you cant fit a rear facing baby seat in a DB9 and only some forward facing seats at 9kg +

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