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Five years ago I sold my DB9 Volante ( my fifth Aston ) to replace it with a Bentley Continental GTC. I needed more rear leg room and a bigger boot. The Bentley's four wheel drive also appealed. Those requirements becoming redundant, I've now sold the GTC and bought another DB9 Volante. It doesn't seem to have the interstellar warp drive of the Bentley ( a 205 MPH car ), nor does it seem so well planted on sharp bends and greasy surfaces, but it does fit like a glove. And I can pretty much see all four corners of the car.
It's nice to be home again.

Oh yeah, the Aston came with an AMOC badge fitted to the grille. Despite being a long term AMOC member, I've never seen one like it before, not have I been able to Google one like it.
I imagine it to be 1940's or 1950's style.
Can anyone suggest a source to apply to for info ? I'd prefer not to bother the club.
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