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bluetooth and Sat nav issues

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Hi guys
I'm 1 month into my first ever 2007 V8 Vantage roadster and loving it. I've pretty much got to grips with all the controls but I still have 2 problems.

1. I cant get the Sat Nav voice directions to work. I've changed between male and female and adjusted the volume but when i'm driving all I get is the on screen directions. I've reset to default and played around with the menu but still no joy. Ideas?

2 Bluetooth Hands free. I've got am iphone 4 and when i use the car with the roof down the quality seems marginly better for the person i'm talking to but over all its still terrible, I've called my voice mail and left a message and it sounds like i'm really far away form the mike its so quiet. On occasion it works fine but not very often at all. It sounds like the mike is covered but im not sure where its located, Again any ideas?

I did have many electrical issues after the battery went flat and am wondering if these problems could also be related.
Many thanks
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