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To everyone who missed the last one you should definitely attend! This is a great time with a good variety of cars.

The warm weather is finally here and it's time for Cars & Coffee 3!

Cars & Coffee 2 at Trade Center in Woburn was a MASSIVE success. Three hundred and fifty plus cars and more then five hundred people were in attendance! For our third event in the series, Sam (The Beantown Sound) and (Peter from, have been invited back to Trade Center 128. This lot is very clean and provides us with plenty of parking. Dunkin Donuts, Dana's Café and The Lobby Shop will be open for us.

We would like to give a very special thanks to the event sponsors, Alex and Chris from Driven Perfection. Please make sure to thank them. With out them, the event would not have happened.

*****Important Things To Remember*****
Please be mindful of the surroundings. Place all trash in trash bags, or take it with you when you leave!! The Trade Center has been kind enough to lend us the use of their parking lot. This is a great opportunity for us so be on your best behaviour! We don't want to have to stay behind and collect trash from the parking lot. Absolutely NO DONUTS, NO BURNOUTS, NO RACING!!! KEEP IT CLASSY!!! If you see someone out of line, it's your job to remind them how lucky we are to have a space like this! Police are aware that we will be in the area, please avoid speeding or any wreck less behavior when driving to, or leaving the event. Please limit excessive or unnecessary engine revving in or around the park as the lot is surrounded by a residential area.

And finally spread the word! The more the merrier! We don't know your friends, your next door neighbors, your co-workers; reach out to them, invite them, and we can all gather and share in our passion for fine automobiles. This event will be advertised in the area and at the office park. The event is RAIN OR SHINE. There is a 5 story parking garage with ample space for hundreds of cars. In the event of rain, we will be meeting inside the garage.

Location: Trade Center 128 (Woburn, Massachusetts)
Directions: Lease Peabody, Lynfield, Reading, Wilmington and Woburn, MA office space
Available Food: Dunkin' Donuts, Dana's Café, The Lobby Shop
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This is across the highway from the Woburn Movie Theater off exit 35 on 128. From the rotary turn right onto Main St. (Route 38 North). Turn left at first stoplight onto Elm St. Turn left onto Sylvan Rd. and drive past the shopping plaza, then turn right into TradeCenter 128.

See everyone there!

Sam - The Beantown Sound -
Peter - Yuppie Racing -
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