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I am a professional photographer, I work with a videographer and he has recently trained me on how to do video too! I have taken photographs of two beautiful Astons about two years ago, who I contacted through the

I am hoping to do another photoshoot in the spring/summer of this year and at the same time do a short film (approx 5-10 mins) shot in a very similar style to Top Gear. It will be myself and my colleague who will be doing the shoot.

What we'll need is at least one fairly new Aston to be a nice contrast to the classics that will be there. If anybody is interested then please get in touch asap!!

Those who are there will have a disc of images that will be print-ready and they can do anything they choose with them, they will also get a DVD of the short film that we produce.

The location for this isn't yet set, but definitely in the UK! The location will be chosen once we know exactly who is coming and where in the UK they are approximately, to try and avoid any of you driving for too long!

You can contact me by email, [email protected] or by phone, 07789 647 572.


p.s. I can show images from my current portfolio if requested, just send me an email and I will attach some images in my reply.
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