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Can someone recommend a PPI inspector for Queens, NY area

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Inspection for a 1969 DBS
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First, from what I understand, a PPI is a pretty generic request so every dealer/person that looks at a car might have a different checklist. You might want to be a bit explicit about what you actually want performed when you ask somebody to take a look.

Second, there are a couple Aston dealers in the area. Aston Martin Long Island and Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, CT. I have no experience with AM Long Island. I have no issues with Miller except they are expensive...haha. You could give then a call and see what they think. It's a big, comprehensive shop and they do a lot of specialty cars stuff.

There is also a place in Stamford, CT. It's called Vantage Motors. I dropped in a few years ago to talk about my TR6 and I saw all kinds of certifications on the wall regarding vintage Aston Martins. I presume they like to work on old Astons. Here is a link to their Facebook page. It looks a bit Aston oriented.

Greenwich/Stamford is like a 30-35 mile tow from Queens, best guess.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts