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car storage

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i am paying lots of money out to store my cars so i am thinking about opening my own company to store peoples cars and only charging £7.50 plus vat per day in london!!!
would there be anyone who is intrested in this service
also i would have professional prestiege car mechanics to service and maintain them at an extra cost so your car does not need to be taken to a garage it saves your time collecting and deivering your car to a garage

i am just wondering how many people think its a good idea and who would use my service let me know guys
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well that's a good idea, not just for Aston but for all the super car + u can make some service like car wash.

but chose a place that ppl can use a transport easy or near to a place rich ppl use to go to

good luck,

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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