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Charlotte Areas Cars and Coffee Event- Cancelled Indefinitely

Silly me, I thought I could help foster and grow the car crazed culture that is present here in Charlotte, but the immature actions by what was at first a select few but now what is adopted to many has ended our Cars and Coffee event indefinitely. Cars and Coffee Charlotte is no more!

I have run the range in the last 24 hrs of extreme anger and sadness because six plus years of hard work and effort is going down the drain. I can't tell you the countless hours, money and effort that was put in to build something wonderful from the ground up for the Car Culture in Charlotte to be ruined by a few that use their head as only a mere hatrack!

I have tried it all from posting the rules numerous times, hanging up signage, creating a police presence, getting others to help spread the word but nothing seems to help. I love cars and the people that love cars but under the current circumstances someone is going to get hurt or killed and I can't have that on my watch. I hate to see something that I have been working so hard to create come to an end but before someone gets seriously injured or killed I'm done! Sometimes you don't know how good you have it until it is gone and I believe Charlotte will realize this in a short time. The time, effort and great expense that this has taken was done out of pure joy for cars and those that surround them but it is getting too taxing and too dangerous to really enjoy

I'm am very grateful for Mattie's and the NC Music Factory's hospitality over the years but as you can see, no good deed goes unpunished and there is no reason that their businesses should not be jeopardized for some of our foolishness. Not only are the actions of a select few going to ruin it for those that behaved themselves and really enjoyed the event but it is going to hurt some small business owners as well.

I'm very grateful for the experiences that Cars and Coffee has given me and for the great friends that I have made out of it but all good things must come to an end and Cars and Coffee Charlotte is no more!

Best wishes,

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