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Charlotte Cars and Coffee at the Lake - Saturday Feb 11th Exotics/Sports Cars/Classics

North Lake Mall (I-77 Ext 18) Panera Bread Co. (Between Panera and Fox and Hound)
6801 North Lake Mall Drive- Charlotte NC 28216 #704.921.0013
8 am- until
Weather Permitting
See you there!


Hello All,

Today we had some less than favorable behavior at Cars and Coffee at North Lake! The last three years of this wonderful gathering have been issue free, but it seems that I need to refocus our code of conduct for a select few.

Today there were several people doing unnecessary burnouts and accelerating at rapid rates of speed in both the parking lot and in the driveway between the shopping center. This is the type of poor decision making that will make this gathering non existent. On most Saturdays you will encounter a few hundred cars and pedestrians enjoying the thrills of the gathering. It would be tragic if someones poor judgement got someone seriously injured or killed. There are a number of children that attend this event that could quickly get away from their parent or caregiver and face danger. The number of vehicles alone with time, skill, dedication and money tied into them to be damaged by some senseless act would ultimately dismantle this event.

This could not come at a more inappropriate time, many of you do not know but back in 2008 I was turned down by many venues that I originally wanted to host this event at because they did not understand the concept and were afraid of the issues that may surface. I had to write a rather lengthly proposal to the mall management at the time to have them accommodate the event on their property. At first they too did not want to be associated with this type of gathering, but after many discussions and witnessing the class act which this event has always been they agreed to host and have been very pleased ever since. Currently North Lake Mall has transitioned to a new property manager and I am in the throws of negotiating all over again with the new head of property to continue our civilized and fun event. Today's shenanigans and poor display of judgement from a select few is about to ruin this for everyone.

I ask for the sake of a now well established forum and event for car enthusiast here in Charlotte that you forgo the dangerous and unnecessary extracurricular activities! As a participant in C&C if you observed someone doing this please ask them to stop or if you do not feel comfortable doing it please take their tag number and report it to the Mecklenburg Police. I have developed a rapport over the last 3 years with the Mecklenburg PD after having to sell them initially of the civil nature of our event and I am going to ask them to step up their patrol of the event to insure that a select few do not ruin what the rest of us have established.

I hate to have to write a message like this, but it may be time after 3 years to re-establish the code of conduct for Charlotte's Cars and Coffee. I am very proud of the event that the car culture of Charlotte has developed and grown into. I can thank C&C for introducing me to many new and interesting friends that I hope to have for a life time, please help us keep this forum and venue alive for many years to come.

thank you,

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